• Mindful minimalism with Urbanara

    So happy to be able to show you some of my recent work for Urbanara that was made under the headline of „Mindful Minimalism“. I absolutely agree with Urbanara ́s philosophy to use materials of extremely good quality and combine it with a classic design. Products like these are made for a lifetime and therefore help us to live as sustainable as possible.

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  • Painting parquet – how we changed the look of our wooden floors!

    What are we going to do about the floors!? That was a question we immediately asked ourselves when moving into our new apartment. It was wooden parquet with a solid quality but we didn’t like the yellow-orange color. And the flooring is just always such a big area of the flat, isn’t it!? It’s color and texture really dominates the whole look of a room.

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  • Zeitloses Design ist überall Zuhause. Über Artek.

    Skandinavisches Design ist aus unseren Häusern und Wohnungen schon lange nicht mehr wegzudenken. Aber zumeist ist von Möbeln aus Dänemark und Schweden die Rede. Finnisches Design wird hingegen oft noch unterschätzt – allen voran das der Firma Artek. Ich freue mich daher in Zusammenarbeit mit Artek und Connox zeigen zu können, wie vielseitig und zeitlos diese Designs sind.

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  • Remodeling a kids room

    Does this sound familiar? You are remodeling your apartment, one room after another and at some point – just when you are almost finished – you lose motivation. We had all of our rooms made functional, pretty and cosy but then got stuck in a way with our daughters kids room. Happily our summer holidays in France brought a lot of inspiration for home decor and we finally started to remodel her childrens room.

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  • Interior Design – details do matter!

    If the things we use every day have great materials and design and are fun to use as well we come closer to „simple living“. We no longer need a lot of deco-objects as the functional things are already pretty and we can live more beautiful with less clutter. To achieve this approach every detail [...] More  →