Visual Storytelling

Styling, Photography & Creative Direction




Visual Storytelling

Styling, Photography & Creative Direction

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Family Shoot with Julieta & daughters

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Mindful minimalism with Urbanara

So happy to be able to show you some of my recent work for Urbanara that was made under the headline of „Mindful Minimalism“. I absolutely agree with Urbanara ́s philosophy to use materials of extremely good quality and combine it with a classic design. Products like these are made for a lifetime and therefore help us to live as sustainable as possible.

Painting parquet – how we changed the look of our wooden floors!

What are we going to do about the floors!? That was a question we immediately asked ourselves when moving into our new apartment. It was wooden parquet with a solid quality but we didn’t like the yellow-orange color. And the flooring is just always such a big area of the flat, isn’t it!? It’s color and texture really dominates the whole look of a room.


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